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Bypass the restrictions, view and download YouTube videos!


MagniTube is a handy utility, primarily designed for bypassing Iranian's government restrictions on access to YouTube. It lets you view and download YouTube videos in different formats and qualities. Currently hosted at my personal server, MagniTube serves more than 100GB of YouTube videos every month.


Alimohammad came to me with the idea of creating this tool, at 1:40 AM! We were up all night, and I started to code and Alimohammad was helping me digging through documentations and tools. Also I bought the domain –– using Kamyar's credit card (he doesn't know it yet). Around 10:00 AM, first version of MagniTube was online! Later, I added preview feature and made some enhancements.


MagniTube acts like a proxy for YouTube, powered by Nginx. It is written in Python. MagniTube source-code is available at GitHub.