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Android application marketplace, created for Iranian users.


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First of all, as of July 2012, since I and my colleagues left Hasin Technology, Myket is being maintained by a completely new team, and they revamped the application.

Myket is an Android application marketplace, parimarily aimed at Iranian users' market. Myket has a rich application catalog and hosts more than 15,000 applications (July 2012).


Hasin Technology was considering entering mobile market, so they hired me in July 2011 and the first project was Myket. We started with a small team, consisting of me, as the technical manager (I did a lot of coding, graphic designing and other stuff, too!) and two brilliant minds, Behrooz Rabiee and Ali Babaee (both of them are world medalist in International Olympiad in Informatics).

After about one year, due to some conflicts, I decided to leave the company. My two other colleagues left one month later, too. Myket is now being maintained by a completely different team, with different technology and design. Myket had more than 50,000 users as the time of my leaving.

Myket logo was designed by me and it is still in use.


Myket was written for Android platform, in Java. Web server was written in Python. We used Apache as web server and memcached as cache manager.