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TermInator is created to help students choose and schedule their courses. Primarily designed for Sharif University of Technology students.


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TermInator is an utility which helps students find and choose courses they're going to take each semester. It was designed for use of Sharif University students, but there is a plan to extend it for other universities as well.


For a long time, students at Sharif University of Technology used Dastyarak for scheduling their semesters. Although it worked fine, it seemed a little bit outdated, specially the UI design. So, Kamyar Allahverdi and I decided to recreate the tool, something more usable and more user-friendly. Kamyar wrote a robust parser which extract courses and their data from education website and I wrote the rest of application. I also designed the UI. The result was TermInator, fortunately people liked it!


TermInator is written in Python using Django framework. Javascript library used in this project is jQuery. It is powered by Nginx web server.

Adobe Fireworks was used for designing.